Sunday 12:30 PM   Line Dancing

​Line Dance Exercise Class: is a 30 min aerobic dance workout to 3 popular line dance songs.

1.The Cupid Shuffle

2.Wobble Line Dance

3.Drop it Low

Meet you Workshop Instructors


10 AM - Freda- Yoga 

11:00 AM - Stela- Drag King For a Day 

11:45 AM -  Stela with Haley Consent skit

1:00 PM Kayla - Sensation class 

2:00 PM Haley - Rope

Haley is an indecent indulgent dapper self-described leather dyke, who rides the line between Butch and Femme. Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area but travels, teaches, and is a bad ass player in the dungeons.
Haley currently holds the title of International Ms. Leather 2019 and MS SF Leather 2018

Mekayla is a silly switch born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she majored in human body mechanics. Being a tactile, she likes combining her professional knowledge with her play to create a variety of sexy scenes. Feel free to come up and flirt, it is one of her favorite pastimes.

Sunday 11:15  Rattling Gender Constructs with Stela

​​This lecture and group discussion course deals with the ever changing climate of gender and diversity. Have you ever found your self in a situation where you did not know what pro-nouns to use? Gender identity is internal. It is, simply, the gender with which you identify. It’s the word (or words) that you could use to describe yourself that simply make sense to you. It is Deeply-rooted, and a central part of many people’s senses of self. How do we brake old gender constructs and make safe space. We will explore the diversity of gender and fluidity.

39th Annual



10:00 AM Freda- Yoga 

11:15 AM Stela- Rattling Gender Constructs

12:30 PM Kenyetta H Todd- Line dancing class

2:00 PM Haley and Kayla- Non-Monogamy

Sunday 2:00 PM  Haley and Mekayla's - Monogamish - the road to non-monogamy
Exploring non-monogamy is a lot of work. We will discuss types of non-monogamy, negotiation techniques and ways to shape your relationship. Negotiating rules, emotions, and compromise helps determine what shape your relationship should take to work for you. Will all levels of play keep everyone happy or do you need different conditions to make it work? This course will get you thinking about how to approach your personal non-monogamy.

Kenyetta H Todd- is a Bay Area Burlesque Performer, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Actress, Singer and Costume Designer.

Saturday 1:00 PM     Anatomy of sensation play with Mekayla

Sharp, fluffy, cold, hot, sticky, rough. This class covers a variety of sensations and gives a brief overview of  ways our nerves and brain process what we feel and how removing senses can change how we process those feelings. What happens when we add ear plugs and a blindfold or change the smell of a room? Do you like light touches? Or prefer a stronger grasp? We will address different textures, temperatures and more.  Bring your creativity and lets have some fun!

Greet the Day with the beautiful human Freda Bear about an hour of gentle stretching and strengthening, a guided meditation, and voluntary gratitude share. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one!

Freda Weitzer is a Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor who has been doing yoga and meditation since age 19, was a student instructor at UC Berkeley for “Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind.” 

Location of class will be on back deck at the R3, don’t forget your yoga mats.

​Saturday 2:00 PM   Practical bondage with Haley

Want to be a little tied up or keep them tied down? This class will go over basic rope ties and bondage techniques that will help you leave your partner secure. Unsure about rope? We will have other options to immobilize your partner quickly. These versatile ties and toys will allow for all sorts of fun to be had. Bring a partner or make a friend, this will be a hands-on class.

Stela Daddy Love of Fellafem 

A San Francisco Bay Area native; non-binary, mother, MaPa  teacher, artist, performer, emcee and event producer. They were the first to receive the non-binary award 2016 and awarded woman of the year by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance in 2017, Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as "Saint Motor Boat" for exceptional community service.

The notorious gender-bender, with the delicious fender, entertains while opening our hearts and minds to all aspects of gender. 

@fellafem on Instagram

Saturday 11:00 AM    Drag King For A Day-

Stela will teach you the basics of being a Drag King, how to rap up the girls, pack your junk, apply facial hair and more. Have you ever wanted to try being a drag king or wondered what you would look like as a man? Try drag King for a day. This interactive workshop transforming class participants in into their male/masculine personas. Let’s have fun with us. Time to strap and ace your chest down. We’ll stuff your pants, beard your face and dress you in masculine clothes. Let us help you find your inner male persona so you can be a king for a day. We will teach you some fun tricks of the trade so you can be a real man about town *wink*. You will also be given an opportunity to perform in the amateur show during Saturday nights DRAG SHOW!