DJ Becky Knox - Saturday Night Dance Party and Sunday PoolsideType

Stela D. Love The Drag King Daddy that invented gender-bending boilesqe. All that ass and sass will to get you all hot in your seats. Let me hear you roar for the international known Mr FellaFem D. Love.

Don't let this guy's small town feel deceive you; he's got a large heart and a hard conviction to blow your minds and confuse your genitals! A regular at Rebel Kings and Shenanigans, this guy likes getting around to please all of your aesthetic receptors.

Our 2018 entertainers included:

Leigh Crow is the iconic face behind the worlds first drag king Elvis impersonator, Elvis Herselvis and Co-Producer of DANDY; A New Drag King Review! Leigh has performed in hundreds of music venues, bars, and stages all over the world, she was in the recent smash hit Star Trek Live!  Whether she's commanding the Enterprise or croonin' to make you swoon, Leigh Crow knows how to show you a good time! 

39th Annual


 Saturday Night Fella Fem Drag King's  8-10pm featuring;


Buster Wide Open

Joey Gelato

Dickey Love

Mickey Finn

Chico Sauve

Danny Packin

Meat Flap

Leigh Crow

Tyson Checkin


DJ Lady Char - Friday Poolside

"'Sassy Spitfire For Hire', Ms Ruby Vixen has entertained audiences all over the Bay since 2007. Co-Producer of DANDY; A New Drag King Review, she's performed with Diamond Daggers, Debauchery, Seduction Feroce, Thrillpeddlers, Red Hots Burlesque, Whoa Nellies, Burlesque Moulin, and Queer Country music sensation Velvetta, Her unique combination of sass, style, and queer camp sensibilities, this, all-sparkle all the time Vixen is sure to set your heart on fire!

DJ Olga T - Poolside Saturday

Honey Dew Mee Melons:
What is sweet as honey and ripe for the picking? SF''s homegrown Honey DewMee Melons! Bouncing all over the Bay Area, gracing stages at various shows like Womanopoly, First Friday Follies and Debauchery. Her favorite part of the year is making her way to the R3 for Women's Weekend!

​Friday Night Outlaw Queer Burlesque 8-10 PM featuring;

​Honey Dew Mee Melons


Violet Streak

Ruby Vixen

Sgt. Die Wies

Danny Packin

​D. Love